By turning healthcare intelligence into creative engagement, our work stands out in any multi-channel communication strategy


a full-service creative healthcare agency

Your design & innovation partner in Pharma and Healthcare.

By turning healthcare intelligence into creative engagement, our work stands out in any multi-channel communication strategy. We combine creativity, design and technology to create experiences that people want and businesses need.

In 2014 we founded BRONS + TEN KATE with the intention to be always one step ahead of our clients and serve them with surprising concepts that really make a difference. Today, six years later, we’re a team covering a wide spectrum of services for hospitals, health insurance companies, patient association and of course pharmaceutical companies.

We’re small enough to work flexible and big enough to act as a full-service agency. In the coming five years it is our goal to close the gap between pharma companies and patients with meaningful content and brand stories that have an impact.

Our core philosophy is people over process. More specifically, we have great people working together as a dream team. With this approach, we are a more flexible, fun, stimulating, creative, collaborative and successful organization. When creativity is a necessity and flexibility key.

We challenge our clients to think big and different, while we at the same time aim for long term relations as often goals are not reached by one simple idea, but the strategy of a line of concepts with bold exposure and vision instead. Our clients are some of the biggest and most impactful players in pharma and healthcare.

What we offer you.

Strategy & creativity

Sometimes you have to reinvent your company in order to stay at the top of your game. We seek innovations for the long and short term, always with speed and relevance as the main focus. And in order to achieve the goal(s) of your project, we have a broad set of creative multitaskers working at BRONS + TEN KATE that will make sure your next level projects will never get behind.

Branding & campaigns

Creating services, transform brands and products that reach HCP’s as well as patients. They help you to deliver smart strategies, great execution and impactful content that captures hearts and minds. If it’s refreshing content, an advertisement, video production or a multi-channel strategy, we know advertising for the digital era.

(Digital) Design

We design just about anything that has a digital interface. Apps, websites, touchscreens and marketing material. When content, interaction, technology, and design come together and create the best user experience. Only if we really reach HCP’s and patients, service becomes a success. And once your digital reality is live, they support and enable your teams to continuously measure and evolve. Sometimes we will apply an existing corporate identity, sometimes we will develop a new one. Digital-first, of course. Because the digital reality is here for the long-run.

How we work

We don’t work for you, we work with you

For us, creativity and design are a mission. A way of life. Not just a job. We want to make a more beautiful, better healthcare world, connecting HCP’s, patients and pharma companies. And so we collaborate. Really collaborate. Our team is your team.

Creativity, flexibility. Quality

That’s what we are known for and want to keep doing in the future. Long term relations are the importance of which we build our company. Small, but thinking big. Realistic, but with ambition for the better. Next level strategy, shaping the future of healthcare.

Successful collaboration starts with the right approach.

Together we will take a good look at what your particular steps to a first release need to be. Will we be applying Lean methodology? Is Scrum a good delivery method? These kinds of intensive projects are increasingly a part of a digital trans­formation program, and they will help your organization to be ready for the digital age, too. We don’t work for you, we work with you!

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Therapeutic Expertise

Therapeutic Area
Branding / Development / Design / eDetailer / Multichannel
Identity / Design / Digital / Print / Production
Concepting / Development / Design / Digital / Personlized video / Production
Concepting / Development / Design / Digital
Art direction / Branding / Concept / Design / Development / Digital / Print / Prodcution / Video
Concept / Design / Event
Branding / Design / Development / eDetailer / Print / Production
Branding / Design / Development / Digital / Event / Multichannel / Production
Art direction / Branding / Concept / Design / Development / Digital / eDetailer / Naming / Strategy / Photography / Print / Production
Art direction / Campaign / Concept / Design / Development / Digital / Print / Photography / Production

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